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We provide Health Care to families in our community.

The following charges are effective from 1st Oct 2023 and apply to office hours only 

Mon to Thursday 8-5.30pm. Friday 8.00 -5.00pm

An appointment has a  10-15min allocation please book enough time for you requirements.

 Weekend clinics will incur a minimum surcharge of $15 on fees.

A non-attendance fee may be charge if an appointment is missed without prior notice.

By signing the Registration Form, you are agreeing to the Kowhai Surgery Ltd Terms and Conditions.

Bank account details:  02-0480-0141717-00

Please note that  due to increasing costs our fees were increased on 7th of July 2024.

Community services  card holders will continue to be  capped at $19.50 

Funded Enrolled Patient

0-13 Years                                                                            FREE

14-17 Years                                                                          $57.00

18-64 Years                                                                         $63.00

65 Years +                                                                           $59.00

Dependent Community Service Card  14-17 Years    $13.00
consult based on usual working hours

Community Service Card Holders 17 Years +              $19.50
consult based on usual working hours

Inital consult new patient  see casual fee 

Nurse Smear Fee                                                              $45.00

Nurse smear/HPV with  CSC                                    $0.00 


Appointments are 10-15min 

Prices include both Face-to-face and Phone consultations.

ACC Patient

 ALL 0-13 Years                                                                        FREE

 enrolled 14 -17 Years                                                        $57.00

enrolled 18y -64y                                                               $63.00

enrolled 65+                                                                           $59.00

Casual Patients 14 years and over                                $77.00

ACC Overseas Visitor                                                       $145.00

14-17 Years ACC Community Service Card Holder     $13.00

18 Years + ACC Community Service Care Holder       $19.50

Additional procedures/consumables will attract additional charges.

Standard appointments are 10-15min.

Casual Patient

Under 6 Years                                                               $42.00

Under 6 Years with Community service Card       $25.00

6-13 Years                                                                       $72.00

6-13 Years with Community Service Card               $57.00

14 – 17 Years                                                                   $77.00

14 -17 Years with Community Service Card            $60.00

18 Years +                                                                       $122.00

18 Years + with Community Service Card               $107.00

Overseas Visitor                                                           $145.00

Appointments are 10-15min 

Repeat Prescriptions

Please allow 3 working days notice for a prescription.

Repeat Prescriptions 0-5 Years                                    $5.00

Repeat Prescriptions 6-13 Years                                   $10.00

Repeat Prescriptions 14+ Years                                    $25.00

Repeat Prescriptions 14+ with CSC                             $19.50 

Emergency Prescription (within 24hours)                $30.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Afterhours Service Surcharge                                       $15.00 

Administration Charge – as applicable                     $30.00

DNA [did not arrive]                                                      $25.00

Smear surcharge with a GP + consult                       $15.00

Smear Charge with  Nurse                                             $45.00

Smear Charge CSC with nurse                                      $39.50

Standard Drivers Licence DL9 under 80 years        $62.00

Standard Drivers LicenceDL9 80 years+                   $122.00
10 -15 minutes with Nurse and 10-15 minutes with Doctor

Heavy Traffic Licence  (registered patients only )                                                                                                                $122.00

MEDICALS – i.e Dive/Fire/Martime/Insurance/Travel consults and advice.


Monthly Account fee if outstanding balance            $10
Failure to pay fees which results in our employing a debt collecting agency, means their charges will be added to your outstanding account. 15% of the debt owing. This may also affect your future credit rating.


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