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Kowhai Surgery – Warkworth Family Doctors Who Take The Time For You

We are a friendly, community-based medical centre. Our vision is to provide quality, affordable health care and support to you and your family. As family doctors we offer a full range of general practice services.

Our Vision

Family GPs: Maintain and Improve Health for all our Families

Our values

This is who we are and how we want to operate.

 Ngākau arohau /Compassion

Empathetic, sympathetic, compassionate, kindhearted, considerate, caring, benevolent. Friendly welcoming empathic caring family orientated, support to patients and staff. 

Ringa ngaio/ Professional

Efficient, educated, experience, integrity, proactive, work as a team 

Āhei /Accessible

To be able, possible, within one’s power, enable. Un-bias, equitable, fair, encompassing, available. 

Katoa / Holistic

 All, every, totally, wholly, completely, without exception – used to indicate that something is all-encompassing, all-consuming or all-conquering. Sometimes used after a verb, often preceding the noun it qualifies. Good communication, family friendly, fair, un-bias, encompassing, pro-active, welcoming, open, caring, patient centered care.

Mission | Philosophy Statement

We at Kowhai Surgery want to ensure that Primary Care is available to all of our community and families and that each patient’s needs are met with consideration and promotion of healthy living.


Kowhai Surgery

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