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Order Prescriptions and make appointments online. See your test results and other personal details with level two access.

ConnectMed Portal  :

See FAQ below for more inforamtion and trouble shooting .

What do you need:

A personal  email address, a password [you choose] and have the correct details at the surgery to match the details you put into the system. 


If I dont have an email address?

How do I Login /Join?.

 Do you have a login for ConnectMed already ?

1. Yes: 

Then you just have to change your practice settings to Kowhai Surgery once you have logged in. Please note your details must match what we have at the Surgery.

2. No:  Option One – Level Two: 

You will then have full access to scripts, test results, allergies and immunisations.

Contact the practice show some ID ideally at next visit or pop in.  To link you to the portal, we will send an email link for you to activate your account. You will have 7 days to activate. 

At this stage you will be asked to provide a password of your choice for the account.  

3. No: Option Two – Level One :

This will allow you to  make appointments only. No personal details available.

Go to ConnectMed site and “Join”. Please note to access Kowhai Surgery your details must be the same that is held on your file at surgery. Email and Name. If they are different you will not be able to access. 

You will have to contact the Surgery to be upgraded to include your other person details. Please note we will require some type of identification to do this. 

How To:

Paracetamol Dosage


Short videos of how to use your inhalers and Spacers. 

Clexane [Enoxaprin] 

What is it and  video on how to  administer.


Short videos of how to set up and administer  insulin 

Blood glucose levels 

Short videos of how to use glucometer to tests blood glucose.


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